Bee Approved offers a vegan and tasteful alternative to honey. Statistically one in three bites of food is the result of the hard-working honeybee. Sadly, bees are dying off at an alarming rate. People throughout the world are planting bee friendly flowers, petitioning governments to stop using pesticides that kill bees, and even keeping bees themselves (not advisable, as bad beekeeping, apart from killing bees, is to blame for unwanted urban swarms).

Have you ever wondered how such a tiny insect could ever fill a jar of honey? The work is shared by many thousands of bees and is an excellent example of what can be achieved by co-ordinated effort. So, how many bees are needed to fill that jar? The answer is 22,700! This sounds impressive enough but, of course a colony of bees doesn?t just make one jar of honey. At its most productive, a single colony of bees could theoretically produce around 800kg of honey, that?s almost a tonne!

The reason that beehives aren?t enormous is that the honey is being continually used by the bees as fuel, so at any given time there may only be between 10 and 20kg of honey in the hive. To commercialise the honey some is replaced by sugar, lacking the natural properties that bees need. Worker bees produce around one spoonful of honey in their 60-day lifespan.

The effects of the mass destruction of the bee population are worldwide. In the UK, bees are facing dangers such as: habitat loss, exposure to harmful pesticides and climate change. The truth is that animal pollinators are responsible for pollinating one-third of crops and, of that, bees pollinate 75%.

Honey is an animal product, tested on animals; mass marketed and mass manufactured for generations. Please don?t ignore the ethical implications and environmental consequences of its commercialisation.

Say YES to alternatives! Try Bee Approved!

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