Besides not eating animal products, Veganism for me is an act of love and resistance; is doing less harm as possible to all sentient beings. It is an easy and accessible way to protest against violence towards the innocent. It is an act of rebellion towards unfair power and the concept that we can take whatever we want because we are somehow superior.

When I became vegan, I decided to do my part by helping people change the world through their perception of food. Before that, I used to manage a steakhouse for five years (really!) and was very much into cooking. At that time, we did not have 10% of the vegan options we can easily find at any supermarket now. I was looking for food alternatives when I realised that there was no substitute for honey available. After many months of thoughts and trials, Bee Approved* was created in 2017, while I was working and studying full-time. Then I started trading in 2019, somehow managing to finish university, attend the vegan fairs, keep up with the online orders, establish the brand in UK and Portugal.

It has been a rewarding, exciting, sometimes stressful journey; but I did not want to stop here. I know there are many foods and dishes that people love which ingredient can be easily replaced by a vegan alternative. My focus now is to work with innovative manufacturers who are willing to take part in the change and make their products more inclusive, substituting honey for Bee Approved on their recipes; leaving the bees alone; contributing to preserve the environment.

If that is your case, please drop me a line at . If you think about any product you would like to see ‘veganised’ by Bee approved, please let me know and I will be more than happy to contact their producer!

*Bee Approved is part of VEGANISTA, a company aiming to provide healthy, tasty and cruelty-free food options as an alternative to animal products. At Veganista, my goal is to increase demand for vegan produce by creating accessible and appealing foods, that surprise your palate and inspire healthier choices.

PANC is a 100% plant-based fast-food located in Manchester, created in conjunction with my business partner Hannah Jobe. We serve the most delicious plant powered food, that feeds your soul and makes your mouth happy! PANC (@pancfoods) • Instagram photos and videos

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